The predictive feature and the diversity question

A recent study of the German Federal Association of HR Managers (Bundesverband der Personalmanager) has shown that 51% of HR managers see HR analytics and related topics as a priority in contrast to a number of 31% in 2017. That shows that people analytics has become a more considered topic for HR and team leaders throughout the last years and especially throughout the corona pandemic.

While many executives now realize the potential of a digital social analysis, much less realize how software with predicting functions can support them in that aspect. Let’s take the example of the gender ratio in a corporation. The HR team in charge might be already aware of a high men-women-ratio. Men-women ratios are currently in everybody’s mind, but nevaal offers even more: A software with predicting features that displays points for effective interventions within a specific team and furthermore a forecast based on the avaiable data.

The suggestions nevaal offers are based on a variety of data. Values like the average group size of a department in a company, the age and the gender of persons, their positions, their qualifications, the average time of being in a specific position, the available amount of jobs on the labour market, the fluctuation in and out of the company, just to name some of them, are important organizational operating figures that, together, give a precise base for future trends.

The importance of diversity within any corporation might not be completely clear to the respective executives. The answer to this question is multilayered: Actively working on a diversity approach contains that a “we want to get the best out of our company” mindset was implemented. An inclusive and open atmosphere leads to greater employee retention and satisfaction, less discrimination, reduces training costs for new hirings, increases the ability to innovate, and lets a company make full use of their worker’s potential.

The data-based approach enables the company to see the positive outcome of different diversification measures. nevaal maps has a feature that calculates the impact on revenue. An overview over these numbers is likely to instigate changes in corporate culture like the higher acceptance of part-time work to increase the women share inside the company. Wouldn’t an interactive people analytics software like nevaal maps be beneficial for your company, too?