Rethinking capital: The possibilities of a social perspective

nevaal AG
3 min readMar 18, 2022


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “capital”?

You might think of finances, economic aspects, and everything concerning money. But if you turn away from the conventional definition to a social perspective, you will find new aspects to consider.

As you surely know, every member of a company, big or small, creates value when working on their job. The overall goal is to make people work together to aid the success of the company’s product or service. Given their job tasks, they fulfill the duties expected of them. But that is only a traditional way of thinking about employees. Their value is not just determined by the number of completed tasks, but so much more. Don’t worry about how to get ahold of all the advantages, nevaal Maps™ has got you covered. Displaying your network value is the core feature of our software.

First of all, think of the very basic features of human beings. Aspects like gender and age can bear great advantages. Consider the knowledge and experience of a woman working for several decades in a certain industry or the very new and unconventional ideas of a recently graduated man. There are so many ways to combine each one´s horizons of experience and knowledge. Their different backgrounds allow them to profit from each other’s points of view and discover new aspects of the same topic. The potential for value enhancement can sometimes be so easily found. nevaal Maps™ arranges the career paths briefly and clearly.

Speaking of different backgrounds, the educational trajectory of different workers is never the same. Thinking of all the different working individuals within the company, various fields of studies or apprenticeships can be found within the employees. The different characters complement the process with their niche of knowledge. From this point of view, the staff has added value to the company’s outcomes just by sharing their experience through participating in the work process. nevaal Maps™ displays and connects educational strings so that you can illustrate common and supplementary knowledge.

Interpersonal connection leads to the following useful but seemingly underrated aspects of the employees’ valuable facets: human relationships. Every colleague of yours has a vast number of acquaintances, bonds, and contacts. In nevaal Maps™ might be displayed as a nearby node. He might be an additional expert whose input to makes your product stand out.

Every little detail of a person is a potential multiplier of value that needs to be recognized within their network. Once this kind of capital is detected, the translation into economic value is just a matter of time and support. To understand existing power and human capital value within your reach, nevaal has developed an efficient solution: based on Graph Technology, we visualize and analyze the individuals and the relationships within your ecosystem. nevaal Maps™will display the results in a tangible way.