nevaal maps for research institutes

nevaal AG
2 min readJun 30, 2021


A leading role in a research institute not only demands a lot of focus on good research design. It needs a lot of networking. Actors from different fields, organizations and industries have to get connected and come to agreements regularly.

For research institutes it’s important to get funding from companies or foundations. Good networking skills and supporting software solutions are crucial. If they need support from other research groups they first ask those that they are close to. nevaal maps allows them to add those partners to a private network where they can share information about their researchers and projects. The same thing is possible with companies that they work together with. Once a project has started it is possible to bring them all together in one network and to provide every member a project overview. Furthermore the software supports the exchange of information and communication processes among them. Changes within the involved groups become visible quickly.

nevaal maps is also strong when it comes to covering events within the science scene like congresses, meetings or idea competitions. Attendants can check ahead of events which participants are interesting to talk to and how they are connected to them. After the event they can stay in touch and get updates from them easily. When hosting an idea competition everyone besides the winning team gets forgotten quickly. With nevaal maps the hosting organization can invite the top 30 participants to their network and make use of the gained connections at a later time.

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