I joined nevaal two months ago as a Marketing intern. I chose this startup to pursue my summer internship as I wanted to get a glimpse of how a company works in its starting phases. And till this day it has been a great experience. My day starts with a daily standup meeting where we update our team members about the goals we have achieved since the last standup meeting and discuss the things we are working on and get inputs to make it better. My boss Lea, who is the CEO has established an open working culture in the firm and gives her employees complete freedom on how the task needs to be done. Lea is very open to inputs and she likes it when I disagree on things with valid reasons. I often have to collaborate with Corvin, (he is the CTO) on technical things like website optimization, etc. He is also very open and supportive of the work that I do and its end results.

My primary job is to develop a digital marketing strategy on getting the product across to the audience and forming a structured approach for doing it, be it starting this blog, to approaching clients on online channels, etc. I do get a few days a month to do some research on my own ideas which has helped me and the company in many aspects. I have to sometimes collaborate with other teams like product development and UI/UX to give some input on the features or interface according to the digital marketing perspective which is something I wouldn’t have expected to do in a larger firm. Getting such a perspective on things being done is something I like very much. Most of my work is unstructured and I have to find my way around to reach the solution, but I think this is the best thing one can expect to get when you have such freedom in doing your work and it makes it so much fun.

Since the last two months I have worked on things ranging from search engine optimization, setting up analytics tool for better customer experience, doing market research for prospective clients, website design, designing a pitch deck for prospective investors, researching about various sales and marketing strategies to meet the predetermined goals, to providing inputs on the product being developed. The best part is that I get to decide my own work and how it would be executed to meet the goals determined by the greater strategy. The company is a bit different from traditional companies where I have worked before as I get to see the end result of the work that I have done. We often have workshops at our firm by the mentors of our startup to update ourselves with the latest trends and industry practices.

But it’s not all work for us here. There is a lot of fun that happens behind the scenes. We have two offices and we keep switching as per our requirements. I think it really refreshes my mind while working in different offices on different days. Although the second office is far from where I live, I prefer it as it is in the Unibator (Goethe university’s incubator) and I get a short glimpse of other startups in their incubation at the moment. This office is a bit smaller than our main office near the Frankfurt central station, but it does have a TT table where we play for a few rounds after lunch to get our minds in active mode once again. It has now become an unofficial company policy to have a short TT round after lunch. We don’t have any fixed office hours or dress code as we like to take responsibility for ourselves for doing our work with full dedication.

The Company is growing quickly, it’s been almost 2 months and I have seen clients signing up on the platform, the team growing with more full-time people coming in and work being done at a much faster pace. It really gives an exciting feeling to level up one’s game to think more creatively in getting things done more efficiently. Although the product is a bit complex to understand, it is becoming better and better with every sprint. I really see a lot of potential in what we are trying to achieve here, at nevaal.

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