How nevaal is solving the well-known bottleneck problem

The bottleneck problem is an issue in process management where one element in the chain with a limited capacity reduces the capacity of the whole chain of processes. When the message or task is transferred from one level to another sometimes the information gets lost or there can be some miscommunication. This leads to a waste of time and resources which reduces the overall efficiency of the process and impacts the organization.

This is where nevaal maps come into the picture. Nevaal maps is an innovative software solution that helps in cutting down organisational layers and providing the information throughout the organisation. When the middle man is out of the loop in terms of transferring the information, nevaal maps ensures the availability of this information within their network so that people can still get to know about it and work with that information.

In many cases by the time managers get to know about a bottleneck problem it is already quite severe. Nevaal maps can help you to get ahead of these events. It organizes a more transparent flow of data, gives you insights about how people in a specific team work together and warns you about likely negative developments. That way nevaal maps drastically improves the knowledge management within your organisation.

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