Can networking spaces be safer?

nevaal AG
3 min readMay 25, 2022


If you are thinking, “What does this headline mean? How can they be thought of as unsafe?” after reading the headline, you can consider yourself fortunate.

Besides the obvious “technical” problems of data security and privacy concerns, some of us have additional worries. Amongst other users, especially women are facing inappropriate messages at any given time on open networking platforms. They receive plenty of dating requests, comments on our outer appearance, and misplaced emoticons, to say the least. On top of that, spam messages from whoever are blowing up their mailbox.

In the first place, the primary problem is the assumption of the appropriateness of romantic approaches on netWORKING-spaces. In most of those spaces, boundaries are missing that lead to mostly business-topic related searches, such as the industry filter function and the network attribution feature of nevaal maps.

Receiving messages such as “I saw you in my “recommended to add”-List, and I have to say you are very attractive” from someone with a 30-year age gap is a rather gentle message you can find in your mailbox. A case reported to the writer even dealt with a total stranger violating her feeling of safety because “he searched and found out, we didn’t live far away.”

Sadly, it can be quite challenging to find more than one woman to be spared from those advances.

Other messages that tend to test our patience are often sent with the intention of broadly spread advertising. It can get quite strange, considering the products or services one gets offered. For example, AI-generated messages spam our mailboxes with “inspiring” and “innovative” stories and ideas and why you should spend money on them. Quite often it has absolutely no connection to what the network members actually do, want, or are interested in. And then there are job offers. One might be happy to be recruited without the long and boring application process. But unfortunately, the offered positions are rarely applying to the qualifications and profile of your career.

Here at nevaal, we try to give “appropriateness” a chance. Our “invite-only” networking concept provides the exclusiveness to avoid the “dating-lifestyle-product-placement-platform” — the character that some users of open platforms tend to achieve. By keeping your ecosystem open for connecting while being locked for complete strangers “who just thought you looked cute”, a safer environment can be created. Moreover, the connections within nevaal maps™ are REAL relationships, just digitized. This means we are talking about genuine connections and cooperation with people within your network on nevaal Maps™. This is a big step to avoiding inappropriate messages because who would want to appear rude in a “real” relationship?

Considering nevaal´s advantages, do your ecosystem and yourself a favor. Keep your work environment efficient, professional and protected from unsuitable connections. Keep control over your data and the people you are associated with.