Benefits of an enterprise network

The core of today’s project work consists of cross-functional teams, agile methods and constantly demanded innovation. Since enterprise network systems support exactly that, they can significantly increase the productivity of a project.

Implemented in our software, the enterprise network helps to overcome difficulties related to knowledge sharing. It supports the discovery of expertise and the development and maintenance of relationships. Enterprise networks can improve knowledge sharing through supporting relationship building and productive exchanges. The transparency of other people’s interactions helps knowledge seekers to obtain interpersonal data and to retrace the discourse.

As a result, enterprise networks are superior to traditional knowledge management systems in addressing bottleneck challenges as they blend the communal and connective sharing of knowledge. They form novel communities that establish a higher level of interaction. They increase the spread of knowledge and offer the possibility to transform discontinuous and centralized knowledge exchange into a continuous conversation. This leads to new interpretations and effective reuses of shared content.

nevaal not only helps with relationship mapping or organizing good teamwork. Through the analytics function, you can get advanced employee matches for all kinds of issues. The software allows making decisions and solving problems based on overviews of people and company structures. You can simplify enterprise restructuring and facilitate decision-making processes through analytics as you can see in the following example:

A company’s human resources department and need to fill a new manager position in marketing quickly. In getting an overview over all suited employees for this position, nevaal maps will help you. It will give you information about employees, their positions and their qualifications. This includes age, education, former projects and more. So you can use specific data to analyze how suitable an employee is for a certain position. Functions like that help you weigh your options and to anticipate and avoid future challenges.

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