alumni networks powered by nevaal

nevaal AG
2 min readJan 17, 2022

For one of our customers we set up an alumni network recently. That means that their recent and past workers are digitally connected with eachother on nevaal Maps™. In times of a high HR demand it makes sense to stay in touch with former workers.

A company can inform their former workers about new developments and analyze which universities or companies provided the company with exceptionally well-performing employees. The workers can profit from staying in touch with old colleagues. But the most important thing is that nevaal analytics™ takes the skillset approach to recruiting. A new position is defined through a scope of needed skills and skill-levels and the user finds out within seconds which internal and external persons match the criteria.

The hiring of alumni makes particularly sense for startups. In the beginning they have a high fluctuation and can’t bind most talents for a longer time. Still a big amount of the leaving employees keep in mind the high learning curve and the good atmosphere at the workplace. Once startups enter the growth phase, may it be through higher revenue or a succesful funding round the startup they have a big HR gap to fill and attractive job positions to offer. If startups manage to hire a former employee the often time-consuming onboarding time would be omitted.

The use of an alumni network run on nevaal maps will increase the amount of successful alumni hires. Get in touch with us to talk about how you can make use of this opportunity.