3 main questions answered

What’s the use of nevaal maps for startups?

Startups can easily find a new investor on our platform and keep existing investors updated. nevaal maps helps investors, either big or small, to build their own network platform and a data pool of startups. Investors can then easily collect and benchmark different startups, see the profile of founders and evaluate their potential. It is a platform that brings together all important actors in one space.

All stakeholders can get in touch with eachother and new interested investors can be invited to the networks too. That way an active community with frequent interactions between participants is established which realizes great synergy. Through event attentance, sales and funding approaches the network will grow rapidly.

What’s the difference to an usual social network?

nevaal maps has big advantages. Your data is only shared within a semi-public network and the amount of shared data can be adjusted for every new partner. The shared information is standardized which makes screening and decision processes for venture capital funds much easier. Contrary to other social media your connections are not just lists but dynamic visualizations which give you an overview over the whole network, the connections within all network members and it shows you the closest connection you have with an organisation or person you want to get in touch with. This increases the number of warm introductions and referrals.

How can nevaal improve the cooperation between startups and VC’s?

nevaal provides with nevaal maps a tool to stay in touch, keeping track of development and sharing news. It’s a tool to discover new opportunities and to connect all involved persons of a partnership instead of just the team leaders. Moreover nevaal maps assists event hosts and provides a software for letting participants stay in touch afterwards.